Make Catnip Filled Sock Toys

Make Catnip Filled Sock Toys Catnip filled sock toys are a fun way to use up all those socks that got lost along the way. The cat gets a treat, the human gets to have some fun crafting. Method 1 of 4:Catnip fish sock 1. Find an old unwanted sock Find an old unwanted sock. … Read more

Make Buttermilk from Milk

Make Buttermilk from Milk Sometimes you just crave a stack of buttermilk pancakes to get your day going, but you may not have buttermilk in the fridge. Do you have to go buy a whole quart of buttermilk when you just need a cup of it? Actually, you can very easily make a quick buttermilk … Read more

Hwo to Make Bubbles

Make Bubbles Making bubbles is so fun and easy to do! Start by buying a premixed bubble solution or whip up your own solution using common household ingredients. Choose or create a bubble wand in the shape and size you like best and submerge the end in the bubble solution. If you’re using a smaller … Read more

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How to Make Brown Sauce

Make Brown Sauce In cooking, brown sauce can refer to quite a few different styles of sauces. The most traditional is Espagnole sauce, which is one of the five French mother sauces. However, brown sauce can also refer to a steak sauce that’s popular in the UK, classic gravy that you put on meat and … Read more

Make Bath Bombs Without Citric Acid

Make Bath Bombs Without Citric Acid Bath bombs can be super fun to make but can be a bit tricky to make well. One reason for that is because a typical main ingredient, citric acid, can be expensive and hard to find. This recipe addresses this issue by using cream of tartar, a common baking … Read more

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Make Aspirin if You’re Lost in the Woods

Make Aspirin if You’re Lost in the Woods If you ever find yourself lost in the woods and in need of pain relief, then a willow tree, a fire, and some water may be the answer. Willow bark contains salicylic acid, which is the active ingredient in aspirin. If you can find a willow tree, … Read more

Make an Invisible Mask for Video Cameras

Make an Invisible Mask for Video Cameras The increasing use of surveillance cameras in response to concerns about terrorism means that when you’re in public, there’s a chance you’re being watched and recorded. While such security measures make some people feel safe, others worry about the implications of being watched by “Big Brother.” By embedding … Read more

Make an Elizabethan Ruff Neck Accessory

Make an Elizabethan Ruff The ruff is one of the distinguishing features of the Elizabethan age. It was worn by the middle and upper class as a fashionable neck accessory, like a necktie. Ruffs came in a variety of widths, shapes, decorations, and even colors. The process to make an Elizabethan ruff, with ribbon or … Read more

Make an Elevator an Express Elevator

Make an Elevator an Express Elevator Say you’re on the first floor and your meeting is on the tenth. You get in the elevator, but you don’t want it to stop because you’ll be late. Here are some hacks to help get you to floor faster. Method 1 of 2:Using Button Codes and Other Methods … Read more

Make an Assortment of Stink Bombs

Make an Assortment of Stink Bombs Stink bombs are an awesome prank and you can easily make several different types at home. All of the ingredients are pretty common, so you probably already have them in the house. Stink bombs are not illegal to use, but you should still choose the victims of your prank … Read more