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John Landis Grabs Simon Pegg For ‘Burke and Hare’

After what’s essentially been a decade-long absence from feature-length filmmaking, director John Landis is about ready to go again. Landis is gearing up for the chillingly awesome tale of Burke and Hare.

Known as “the West Port murders,” Irish immigrants William Burke and William Hare killed seventeen people in Edinburgh, Scotland and then proceeded to sell the bodies of their dead victims to Edinburgh Medical College as cadavers for study in 1827 and 1828. Their killing method took the form of smothering the victims, then compressing their chest.

From “Dread Central,” word is Landis has nabbed one Simon Pegg to star as one half of the gruesome twosome.

Landis and Pegg have rooted themselves in comedy for the most part, so it’s natural to assume this will take a similar form, perhaps in the Shaun of the Dead-like vein. I like the true story concept a lot. The setting and subject matter have to conjure up similarities to Sweeney Todd, though I’m sure zero of this film will be sung. Aside from Nick Frost, who would like to see playing the co-lead alongside Pegg?

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