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‘True Lies’ & ‘Cliffhanger’ Sequels to Come?

Word on the street is that there could very well be sequels to action films of yesteryear with both True Lies and Cliffhanger. While both projects have been long rumored, nothing has become official on either, but that hasn’t kept people involved in the possible projects from talking.  First, Tom Arnold, co-star of James Cameron’s True Lies, just recently told the New York Times that he expects filming to begin on a sequel with the Governator, original star Arnold Schwarzenegger as soon as Arnie is out of office.  Arnold stated:

All I know is Jim Cameron’s making it and Arnold [Schwarzenegger] and I are going to be in it, and it starts shooting in 14 months, the day after Arnold stops being governor of California,” he said. “It’s not going to be called ‘True Lies II,’ but it might as well be. I can live with that.

All of this has to be taken with a grain of salt, as while it is an actor from the original, it is also Tom Arnold, not a man with the rep of being the most reliable in Hollywood.  Still, this has to excite fans of the original film, so from that standpoint it is at least encouraging.  Cameron is currently out trumpeting his work on Avatar, so I would speculate that this news wouldn’t be official anytime soon.

On a similar note, a sequel to Sylvester Stallone’s original hit film Cliffhanger is being penned as we speak.  Fred Dekker, the writer of the original film stated “I’m currently writing Cliffhanger 2” when asked what he is up to these days during a recent Q&A.  Apparently back in February of last year, several sources were reporting that Sly, who is currently shooting the hotly anticipated movie The Expendables, was interested in a Cliffhanger sequel, not a reboot (Source:FirstShowing).  This news is probably as equally reliable as Arnold’s statement, but nevertheless it remains a possibility.  I enjoyed Cliffhanger back in the day, a great opening sequence, and some nice shots of mountain vistas gave the film an original feel, even if the story was formulaic, in an era when Die Hard was big.  A sequel to either film doesn’t hold huge interest to me personally, but both would be projects worth following depending on how they develop.  Hit us with whether or not you give a damn about either project.

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