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The Expendables Movie Sequel. It’s Happening.

The Expendables Movie Sequel. It’s Happening.

Sylvester Stallone continues to have a career that has defied odds and expectations.  His latest movie, The Expendables, opened to a career box office high for the 64-year old actor at $35 million.  This success has spawned the inevitable sequel talk already.  He tells THR that a sequel is a definite possibility. While Sly says it has not yet been written, you can pretty much bank on it happening.  He says (of the sequel):

It’s plotted out in my mind’s eye. I believe this group has to continue to evolve; it just can’t become the same people. So how do you get new people introduced into the group, and how do you have some of the other people leaving? Those are the challenges.

I would tell Stallone (and assume this is his own mind telling him the same thing. “Challenges?  Challenges be damned. You are Sly Stallone!  Your entire career plays like your own Rocky movie.  You will make this film.”

I haven’t seen his latest film, nor do I know that I will.  But, I respect Sylvester very, very much. I think he is a creator trapped in the body of an illegally-roided up body.  I’m being serious on both fronts.  You can totally see a sequel happening, and while it would be in its entire infancy, you can expect it will happen.

So, who would you like to see added to the cast?  Assuming some of these guys died in the film (assumption on my part, I don’t know), who can reasonably come in a replace them?  (And if Sly somehow died or appeared dead in the film, I nominate brother Frank to fill in for him.  Simple.

Share your thoughts and we can write Sly’s script for him in the comments section.  Later.

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Comic-Con Movies: Win, Lose or Draw

Comic-Con Movies: Win, Lose or Draw

Every year, Comic-Con in San Diego is one of the biggest events for studios to unleash the latest in upcoming films.  The event has grown from a pequeno little event for comic book fans to an industry extravaganza where studios and stars come out to hype the latest in films, whether they are in production, have wrapped, or are still at the very early planning stages.  Various announcements are made with regards to casting (the big one this year was with regards to Mark Ruffalo’s replacement of Edward Norton as the Hulk in The Avengers upcoming movie) and general hoopla, panels and parties are held. It all sounds so, well, like so much hype.  I have never attended.

That being said, I still try to keep you abreast of the most significant of happenings there.  Usually, those are an announcement or two and some footage in regards to trailers.  Last year, there was probably a little more info, due to Avatar having a presence, but there are still some interesting pieces to report on from this year.

I have read a few things on what the “results” of this years event are.  By results, I mean, what films came out ahead, what got left behind, or what stayed about the same on the expectation meter.  So, I give you win, lose or draw from Comic-con, primarily based on the piece done by Steven Zeitchik of the LA Times.  I will add my own thoughts based on what his takes are of the events proceedings with regards to films we are ready to see, this year or next, and maybe in a case or two, even 2012.

The Winners:

Cowboys & Aliens

This makes sense given that Jon Favreau has been known to be incredibly fan friendly and interactive at Comic-Con (and other events for that matter).  He can do no wrong in fans eyes, given the popularity and success of both his Iron Man films.  Additionally, bringing Harrison Ford out for a public display during the Cowboys & Aliens panel, only served to heighten the experience.  That being said, this 2011 movie is one of the farthest from release/earliest stages of production, of about any film that was discussed at Comic-Con. SZ said bringing Ford out is “precisely the kind of Comic-Con moment that’s long forgotten when a film finally comes out.”  I couldn’t agree more, but this is off to a good start.

The Expendables

This was kind of being looked at as a potentially nice action film, a trip down memory lane for all the big names involved, but Sylvester Stallone‘s movie gained the most goodwill from the event it sounds like.  SZ says “Comic-Con has sealed its fate: “The Expendables” (“Explodables?”) is destined to open big.”  I am not surprised by this, when Sly rolls out several other cast members for a butt-kicking good time.  But to me, the film may not offer enough to get me excited. I am still on the fence as to whether this will be a cheesy good time or just a boring clunker with big names.  If I had to put my money on it, it would be both.

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

This is one of those movies that visually looks wholly original, which is a good thing.  Fans ate up the media blitz at Comic-con.  Whether that will translate into box-office success remains a question mark though.  This seems similar to Kick-Ass which generated buzz in San Diego last year, only to see middling (small) box office results.  Star Michael Cera is the x-factor; a make or break film in a sense I believe.


Let Me In

This is a remake of an underseen Swedish “horror” film from two years ago, Let The Right One In.  It seems as if fans basically want the same movie, but in English, if this is to work.  I think positioning the film in the horror genre means it needs to deliver more jumps and scares than the original, which actually was more of a character vampire piece.  I am curious to see how this goes.  I liked the original enough to have an interest, but will US audiences as a whole feel the same? SZ saw this one as a potentially slightly positive churning film.

Sucker Punch

Director Zack Snyder‘s 300 and Watchmen earned him hype for this female-centric film.  Rolling out a half-dozen cast members was only going to work in the film’s favor for this event.  But whether or not the movie will draw women (or enough men) remains to be seen.  Watchmen was a disappointment on release, so I can’t help but think that Sucker Punch, even with its lower expectations, won’t wow at the turnstiles.  Hmmm.

Tron: Legacy

Hype was already pretty high for this one, so #sdcc did nothing to diminish that.  It will be interesting to see if the old generation of cult fans for the original turn out for the new spin from Disney.  The footage didn’t wow me, but I still expect this to be well-received.  SZ says it is “well-positioned” as a December release this year.  Probably so.

The Losers:


This has been one of those films that continues to look like a failure thus far and Comic-Con’s presentation didn’t do enough to sway that opinion, here or there, it seems.  SZ says “it was impossible not to hear the dissenting voices questioning, perhaps fairly, the histrionic costume-drama of the exposition and the generic explosions that followed. For some reason we have a feeling these voices will only grow louder.” This one just has looked generic to me thus far, but it is Marvel so there is still hope that this will turn in the right direction in the next year before its release.  I remain skeptical though.

The Green Hornet

I read elsewhere a piece on the question of what director Michel Gondry had done to warrant such fanboy lust.  After reading the piece and thinking about it myself, I had to concur.  I mean, he has done some great things visually in commercials, and I really enjoyed Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, but honestly, his resume beyond that film as a director is pretty bad.  A list of movies you’d like to like, but didn’t.  Ditto for star Seth Rogen in my book.  A fresh face in Knocked Up, has really turned into a one-trick pony incapable of being a lead and carrying a film on his own.  Add that to the fact this is supposed to be an action movie, and I can’t help but think this will bomb.  SZ says “The panel was vexed by the same problem as the trailer: the inability to choose, or find the right space, between comedy and the more serious business of superhero mythology. This one made few inroads at Comic-Con.”  Not a good sign.

Share your thoughts on what films on this list you are excited about and which maybe, you are not as thrilled about.  I’m listening.

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‘The Expendables’ Promo Video explodes here

Here is a video promo / trailer of sorts (some internet heads are claiming legit trailer, though I suspect it simply cannot be) for Sylvester Stallone’s upcoming actioner The Expendables. The video plays out in trailer-like fashion but is in many ways a jumbled mess of ass-kicking action, cheesy dialogue, and explosions.  This sounds right about par for the course of what we expect to see come next year from this film.  It is a good compliment to this behind the scenes video for the movie.

The cast includes a bevy of action movie “has beens” and “still ares” (TM) in Sly himself, Jet Li, Jason Statham, Mickey Rourke, Dolph Lundgren, Terry Crews, etc.  There are no glimpses of Arnold (who has an expected cameo) or Bruce Willis (ditto), and its sad that there will not be a Steven Seagal sighting in the pic.  That is just a swing and a miss there, but I believe they tried.  If nothing else, the video shows a firm glimpse of what the internet has anticipated as a general good time at the theater next year. Enjoy the mayhem.

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Steven Seagal & Lindsay Lohan to Slice Up ‘Machete’?

The latest rumors from the casting mill involving Robert Rodriguez’s b-movie Machete which we have reported on this site in the past.  Rodriguez’s Shorts is about to drop on us all, but he is switching gears for his next project.  While Danny Trejo is set for the lead, Steven Seagal is being rumored as a possible cast member for the film.  [Movie Muser] Nothing is confirmed, other than his reps appear to be in deep discussions about his place in the project, as long as “certain conditions” are met.  At this point who knows what those conditions are, perhaps screen time/size of role would have something to do with it.  A trailer for his Indian rituals? I don’t know.  Still, it’d be nice to see him do something reasonable again (and I am jumping to conclusions that Machete will be worth a damn).  Seagal was also once rumored for Sylvester Stallone’s upcoming The Expendables movie, but it was put to rest that he would not be in it.  Sad, considering the ridiculous amount of actioners on board for that movie.  Statham, Jet Li, and Sly himself of course among them.  However, Machete has another interesting rumor as well.

One minute your eatin' a Denver omelette, next someone's stickin' a gun in your face.

One minute your eatin' a Denver omelette, next someone's stickin' a gun in your face.

Apparently, the queen of paparazzi, Lindsay Lohan (who once would have been rubbed with a slow hand-inside joke) has been offered a role in RR’s flick. Robert stated:

“Lindsay’s cool. There’s actually a cool part in the movie for her – if she takes it.”

She notoriously turned down a role in The Hangover, and that turned out to be a gigantic mistake, considering it is the top grossing R-rated comedy of all-time (not in true box office though, as Beverly Hills Cop still would rule with inflation).  Nevertheless, wouldn’t it be wise of her to accept a role this time around?  Or is the potential role and movie, so vastly different from what she might have done in The Hangover, that it wouldn’t suit her?  Nobody knows for sure, but as one of the (seemingly) few who is actually pulling for LiLo to turn her career around (yeah, she’s thrashed, but I am a sucker for a good comeback story, what can I say?), I hope that she takes the role, if nothing else to gain the type of exposure she needs, not the type that she gets turning up on gossip sites.  What say you, mateys?  Hit me one.

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The Nest’s Film News Daily

This Tuesday (as opposed to last Tuesday) reveals the following in film news from around the web:

Who do you have for your lead in Captain America? [Splash Page] says it is Channing Tatum, who in turn thinks Big Willie Style, Will Smith would be perfect.  I love the Fresh Prince but not sure I want either of them as Captain A.  We’ll see.  Is it just me or is Tatum’s hype like the second-coming of Colin Farrell without the acting chops?

Tina Fey’s Date Night cast is growing into the absurd.  Mark Wahlberg and James Franco are the latest additions to the cast that already includes Common, Steve Carell, Taraji P. Henson and more. [First Showing]

The successful horror/torture Saw franchise will get the ultimate honor by being turned into a video game for your next-gen game systems.  [ShockTillYouDrop] It’s akin to a ballplayer getting a bust in Cooperstown…I think.

Rachel  McAdams talks about her possible blockbusters in State of Play and Sherlock Holmes with El Toro at [Latino Review].

Elisabeth Shue(!) lives but might not in her next film, Pirahna 3-D.  A remake of the cult horror film from the 80’s only with Pirahna you can reach out and touch.  Scary. [Cinema Blend]

Sly Stallone’s The Expendables has its first set pics [Spoiler TV] while [Film School Rejects] has first fiery image from the film.  Hint: It doesn’t look like Stone Cold dies in this pic.  Damn!

Robert Venditti, author of The Surrogates, Bruce Willis’ Sc-Fi movie currently filming has a long discussion with [UGO Movies] about the book and a prequel “The Surrogates: Flesh and Bone.” No BTNH reference though, sorry.

Terminator:  Salvation director McG is opting for a Spring Awakening, planning to adapt the Broadway musical. [The Guardian]

And finally, since you can’t seem to get enough of Zac Efron (you’ve been beating down the walls wanting more news on him!), I bequeath you with [Moviehole]‘s breakdown of Efron’s desire to play Marty McFly in a Back To the Future remake.  At least he has the Delorean for starters.

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The Nest’s Film News Daily

Does the Tron sequel/remake/reboot have a budget of $300 million?! So says this article at [/film]. It would certainly make it the most expensive movie ever made. It seems to be pure lunacy the way I see it, if true.

Carrying over from yesterday’s The Expendables set pics comes the news that Brittany Murphy (Clueless; yes, that long ago) will be playing Mickey Rourke’s girlfriend in the film. I’m positive he’ll at least make an attempt to make her his girlfriend off-set, too, depending on how she looks nowadays. [JoBlo]

For those in dire need of a Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen fix, here’s some concept art. [Collider]

[MTV Movies Blog] caught up with Robert Downey Jr., who says he thinks we’ll see a Sherlock Holmes sequel and to expect the first film to be rated PG-13. That’s great, but I still need the promised follow-up to Guy Ritchie’s RockNRolla.

Capping off a pretty slow news day, have you been clamoring for more of your favorite forced-in villain? Apparently the first draft of a Venom spin-off script has been turned in by the writers, and they’ve revealed a few words about their art. [Coming Soon]

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‘Expendables’ Stone Cold Cast Expands

The heavily hyped action movie written and directed by Rambo adds to the cast right before it is to start shooting.  Sylvester Stallone has added former WWE wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin and a blast from the past, Charisma Carpenter to the lineup.  Carpenter, who was presumed dead (I joke, I joke, I kid, I kid) will add some much needed female sexuality to the pic.  While the addition of Austin is simply depressing, pushing a possibly fun movie into the “lame” territory, I seriously thought Carpenter’s 10 minutes were up 5 years ago, but then I find out that Variety reports this:

Austin recently wrapped fight pic “Damage” and inked a TV development deal with Original Media and Caliber Media. Carpenter just completed horror pics “House of Bones” and “Vivid.”

Charisma wa in Vivid!?!  I will have to confirm with Machinegunrap’s extensive porn collection if this is a Vivid vixen video girl or an actual movie.  I think the latter, but I am not so sure.  In actuality, I did like where this movie was originally heading with Statham, Jet Li, Stallone, Rourke, etc. in the cast, but Austin and Carpenter are reaches to say the least.  Throw in MMA brawler Randy Couture and you realize that acting will have no place in this dojo, will it?  No sensei!

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‘The Expendables’ Adds Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to Cast & More!

The Expendables, Sylvester Stallone’s action flick that is supposed to begin shooting at any time now continues to have some cast reshaping going on.  First, there was the news that JCVD, Jean Claude Van Damme was out because he couldn’t get on board with the script that Sly is still hammering out.  Latino Review is reporting that Danny Trejo is in as (what else?), a villain in the movie.  Now comes word from AICN that Arnold Schwarzenegger is going to be in the movie, albeit cast as the Governor himself.  The report states:

…Arnold Schwarzenegger is going to be playing Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in THE EXPENDABLES. He will be shooting for one day, and it seems that the Gov and Sly’s character Barney Ross have some history back when the Gov was shooting CONAN THE BARBARIAN!

Also – Ben Kingsley is out as the dirty bastard CIA sob, and Eric Roberts is in! Also, Mickey Rourke has finally signed on officially!

So JCVD has dropped out, as has Sir Ben Kingsley.  Stepping in are Julia Roberts’ brother, Eric, ice-grilled up baddie Danny Trejo (who actually has a remarkable story as an ex-Con in real-life), and now Arnie is in, although in what will from all appearances amount to a cameo.  And Rourke is officially signed up.   We had first mentioned the movie to discuss Rourke’s addition, and the movie continues to take shape.  Hopefully, a solid script can finally get ironed out and this thing can start shooting as planned in the next month.  I am definitely interested in what can happen here.  This still has the makings of a sick actioner if done right.  Agree or not?

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