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Horror films ‘Saw’, ‘Strangers’, ‘Darko’ Get Sequels

This is not my element, I will be honest right up front.  JoeCoconut, I think I need you on this one.  The horror movie franchises for both Saw and The Strangers have had sequels green-lit.  Before Saw VI even comes out, which it is due in October on Halloween, Saw VII has already been given the go ahead by Lionsgate.  The only Saw movie I ever “saw” was Saw.  How did that taste?  Seriously, I figured one was enough for me. It was actually relatively good, but I have heard that subsequent sequels have lost the originals vision and really have lacked originality.  That, coupled with my general lack of interest in horror movies (or torture porn, whatever you prefer) has kept me away.  Nevertheless, the sequels have consistently generated solid, and perhaps even strong, box office so LG felt comfortable enough to go forward with another.  This is becoming more common apparently, as I know The Hangover had a sequel deal in place before it came out.  Considering these are not comic-book films, it is surprising that they would have sequels pre-approved ahead of time.  But, alas, they have.

As for The Strangers, that sequel to last year’s hit which had Liv Tyler, will begin filming a sequel in October.  In truth, I was a little freaked by the trailer for this.  Call me scared, but I live by myself and I don’t need any homies in torn masks haunting my dreams.  Trust me, my dreams are scary enough.  The women I occasionally share my bed with aren’t protecting me either.  So, since I don’t know what happened in the first movie, I can’t comment on it, but hopefully some of you can.

Mask + Ax > Knife.

Mask + Ax > Knife.

Finally, there is a Donnie Darko sequel, or rather third movie in the series technically, coming.  This is to be a direct to video movie, as was it’s sequel.  The original by J.Richard Kelly was a brilliant, mid-boggling work of art in my estimation.  I have seen it several times and I get a kick out of trying to discover it’s meaning every time.  That makes a fun movie going experience to me in general.  He had no involvement in the sequel however, and I don’t believe he will have any involvement in the third film.  His movie The Box however, does intrigue me.  Cameron Diaz and Frank Langella can be seen in the trailer for it.  I look forward to learning more about that one.  So, thoughts on the above, please share.  Experiences and eloborations with the Saw, Strangers or Darko franchises are all welcome.

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Weekly Film News (‘Saw’ 9, ‘Spawn’ & Leo, Megan Fox)

Its a Wednesday so we decided to round up the stories from around the web that you might have missed over the last week.  Some good stuff to be had here.

The surprise box office winner from this past weekend The Hangover, had the best non-Holiday Monday ever at the box office.  [Get The Big Picture] Pretty impressive for a cast of relative unknowns.

There are possible plans for 9 Saw films, which would possibly have them hacking away through 2012 here. [Screenrant] A bit long in the tooth past film 3 or so in my estimation.

On the flipside, in Japan the Diary of a Fishing Fool franchise draws to a close with it’s 20th film dropping in December.  The series launched in 1988 and has had the same stars since the jump.  [Variety] And we thought our sequels are too many.

Spawn creator Todd McFarlane wants Leonardo DiCaprio to play the lead in the next installment as the guy chasing Spawn.  [Comic Vine] Leo may have the time since he supposedly broke up with SI Swimsuit cover-model Bar Rafaeli.  I’m guessing that Todd won’t get his wish though.

Transmorphing is greater than Transforming?  I’ll prop up [Twitch] for that and give you the trailer below of a film that should rival Transformers: Revenge of the FallenTransmorphers: Fall of Man.  Umm, genius?

And since you love unsubstantiated casting news, it is rumored that Megan Fox is being considered for the lead in the Buffy The Vampire Slayer remake and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is the leader in the clubhouse for Arnie’s role in the Commando remake. Not too sure of [Cinefools] credibility, so we’ll have to take it with a handful of salt.

And since I am a nice guy, I figured I would give you a shot I took of her when she was coming over to make mad passionate love to me in my spa.  I am good like that.

"Take me, The Rake. Now!"

"Take me, The Rake. Now!" Easy, Meg. Easy.

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