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‘Predators’ Teaser Trailer

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‘The Descent’ Director Neil Marshall May Take On ‘Predators’

We told you about The Predator remake/sequel/reboot a few weeks ago, which Robert Rodriguez is producing. Nobody has signed on to direct the film yet, but according to “Bloody Disgusting,” that man might be Neil Marshall, the director of The Descent. Apparently he’s in talks to do the film and is very close to putting his name on the dotted line.

I’ve only seen one film of Marshall’s, that being The Descent, but it’s been enough to make me anticipate anything else the guy does. It’s one of the very few horror movies I enjoy and was one of my favorite films from 2005. Although I know I’m only going off of the one impression, I think it’s pretty much a perfect call if they can hire him for this project.

As much as I’m soured on the whole remake/sequel/reboot thing and don’t think The Predator particularly needs one, especially after the greatness that was the Arnie one-liner, “Stick around,” after throwing a knife into someone’s chest (that’s my Governor!), Marshall’s involvement would have me excited. Throw in Rob Rod and producer and I think some magic can be made. What do you think of this choice, assuming it comes to fruition?

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at Marshall’s latest film, due sometime this year, Centurion:

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The Nest’s Film News Daily

Denzel Washinton is in talks to star in yet ANOTHER Tony Scott film. This one is Unstoppable, in which he’d play a train engineer trying to catch-up to and stop a runaway train carrying toxic chemicals. Although Crank is essentially Speed in a human body, this sounds like Crank on a train. [Screening Log]

In some more casting news, Matthew Macfayden will play The Sheriff of Nottingham in Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood. Although I said I liked the first pic, I think I liked the original idea of the film better, when The Sheriff was the good guy. [Filmonic]

Yesterday, we mentioned Robert Rodriguez will direct a reboot of the Predator franchise in the form of Predators. He had a chat with [Aint It Cool News] and answered a bunch of questions about the project. Turns out, he wrote a treatment for the film back in the 90’s.

Also yesterday, we mentioned Joseph Gordon-Levitt was joining a great cast for Christopher Nolan’s Inception. Today, we’re mentioning Michael Caine has also joined. [Flicks News]

Okay, I swear this is the last time I’m mentioning yesterday‘s post. We told you about the new Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen trailer debuting April 29th in front of some screenings of the original Transformers. Well, now you can get tickets.

Gore Verbinski opted to direct BioShock instead of Pirates of the Caribbean 4. Haw-haw. Now BioShock in on hold due to budget concerns and may go the way of the Halo movie. I said, “Haw-haw.” [Kotaku]

That damn “Empire” is at it again, this time with multiple behind-the-scenes pics from James Cameron’s upcoming Avatar. I look forward to not being suprised at all when I get to pick up the magazine for myself next week. [Market Saw]

Finally, stay after the credits when you see X-Men Origins: Wolverine next week, as it apparently has mutiple endings afterward. [Sci Fi Scoop]

Have a great weekend, everybody. I hope your NFL team drafts the guy you want.

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The Nest’s Film News Daily

I just saw at Target last night that old-school Ninja Turtles were being sold in what looked like their original packages due to the character’s 25th anniversary this year. Nice. However, news came out today via [Film Drunk] that a new live-action Ninja Turtles movies is due for release in 2011. Very nice. I didn’t care for the animated one that came out a couple of years ago and I think live-action is the way to go. Cowabunga!

Our preview writer, Joe, will be very conflicted with this news. Nightmare on Elm Street is getting remade. Sarcastic yea’s all around. Rooney Mara is playing the lead terrified woman and Jackie Earl Haley is playing Freddie Kruger. Jackie Earl was actually announced a bit ago, but the Mara announcement exposed us to it. I hate the idea of this being remade, but I don’t care for the original anyway. However, Haley’s involvement is awesome. [Screen Rant]

Here are some more set photos for you, shockingly not debuting from the new “Empire” issue. The subject is Nic Cage and Jay Baruchel’s The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. [Film Geek]

[Rama’s Screen] has the news that Anna Faris will star in What’s Your Number? for director Mark Mylod. The film is based on the book “20 Times A Lady” by Karen Bosnak. It kind of sounds like a female version of Ghosts of Girlfriend’s Past. Perhaps what’s most important, though, is the script was written by Gabrielle Allan and Jennifer Crittenden. Crittenden has written for “The Simpsons,” “Seinfeld” and “Arrested Development.” Believe it or not, I knew that off the top of my head. This might actually be something.

We told you about Elizabeth Shue in Piranha 3-D the other week, now Richard Dreyfuss, who’s no stranger to fierce things lurking in the water, has joined the project. [Nuke the Fridge]

Remember the list of projects Guillermo del Toro was scheduled to be involved in that we wrote about a while ago? Well, Robert Rodriguez dropped his list today at [Dread Central]. It contains Machete, Nervewrackers, Sin City 2, The Jetsons and Predators. What’s Predators? Why that would be Rodriguez’ reboot of the Predator franchise. People seem to really like this news, but can the original really be improved upon? What do you think?

Want to see the new Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen trailer? It’s debuting April 29th on 20 screens all over the country in front of a one-day screening of Transformers in IMAX. [Transformers Live] has more details.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt has joined the cast of the new Christopher Nolan film, Inception. He’ll be surrounded by Leonardo DiCaprio, Ellen Page, Cillian Murphy and Marion Cotillard. Not that we needed any more reason to see it, but we got it. [Sci Fi Cool]

I promise this is the last remake news I’m posting today. James Marden is poised to play the lead in a remake of 70’s fight-for-survival flick, Straw Dogs. I can tell this is going to be a watered-down version just with this announcement. [In Case You Didn’t Know]

Lastly, do you want to see the first seven minutes of The Brothers Bloom? Hulu has posted it up. We’ve seen the whole film and reviewed it back in October. Click the film’s title to see the review. Here’s the first seven minutes:

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