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‘The Descent’ Director Neil Marshall May Take On ‘Predators’

We told you about The Predator remake/sequel/reboot a few weeks ago, which Robert Rodriguez is producing. Nobody has signed on to direct the film yet, but according to “Bloody Disgusting,” that man might be Neil Marshall, the director of The Descent. Apparently he’s in talks to do the film and is very close to putting his name on the dotted line.

I’ve only seen one film of Marshall’s, that being The Descent, but it’s been enough to make me anticipate anything else the guy does. It’s one of the very few horror movies I enjoy and was one of my favorite films from 2005. Although I know I’m only going off of the one impression, I think it’s pretty much a perfect call if they can hire him for this project.

As much as I’m soured on the whole remake/sequel/reboot thing and don’t think The Predator particularly needs one, especially after the greatness that was the Arnie one-liner, “Stick around,” after throwing a knife into someone’s chest (that’s my Governor!), Marshall’s involvement would have me excited. Throw in Rob Rod and producer and I think some magic can be made. What do you think of this choice, assuming it comes to fruition?

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at Marshall’s latest film, due sometime this year, Centurion:

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