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Quick Surprise: Pirahna 3D Movie Sequel Is Happening

Quick Surprise: Pirahna 3D Movie Sequel Is Happening

In the, that didn’t take long at all department, Dimension Films announced today that a sequel to Piranha 3-D which made an estimated $10 million on its opening weekend (which ended yesterday) is in the works.  With Piranha being budgeted at a reoprted $24 million, this movie will not be a runaway success by any means, which makes the news and its timing all the more surprising.  This seems a potentially erroneous snap judgment on the part of Dimension, as juxtaposed to Sly Stallone’s earlier mentioning that he had a sequel in mind for the $30+ million opener The Expendables.  From Dimension’s press release, via comingsoon:

After earning rave reviews from top critics, wild cheers from audiences around the country, and $10 million in its opening weekend boxoffice, Dimension Films is pleased to announce that PIRANHA 3D – THE SEQUEL is in the works.

PIRANHA 3D producer Mark Canton stated, “We are thrilled that audiences are not just loving PIRANHA 3D, but cheering for it. And it’s fantastic that so many critics are really getting the movie and recommending it. We can’t wait to get to work on the sequel.”

PIRANHA 3D opened with fantastic reviews from top critics like the ASSOCIATED PRESS and REUTERS, enjoying a very FRESH rating of 80-82% favorable reviews on the popular movie review site ROTTEN TOMATOES throughout it’s opening weekend. The movie has captured the attention of movie fans as well as elite media outlets like The Wall St. Journal, The Daily Beast and The Huffington Post. And taking Hollywood by surprise, PIRANHA 3D – via a partnership with Funny Or Die – is the subject of a much-talked about campaign to be named Best Picture of the year. Funny Or Die’s “For Your Consideration” video for PIRANHA 3D took the nation by storm last week. And, as announced over the weekend, Academy Award ® nominee and Piranha 3D heroine Elisabeth Shue will debut a brand new video in the coming days on Funny Or Die.

You can laugh and debate this news at your own peril.

Not sure if British import Kelly Brook (pictured) made it through the pic alive, but you can be sure that she is part of the reason for the clams this movie has earned thus far.  Share your thoughts below if you wish, just don’t get gobbled up by any flesh eating fish.

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