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Wonka WRapper Candy-Inspired Beatmaking is Here (w/Video)

Wonka WRapper Candy-Inspired Beatmaking is Here (w/Video)

If you love music as much as we do here at The Film Nest then it’s natural you might want to check out this cool music making app of sorts. This is a video from candy maker Wonka that you need to see. The video stars Mr. Mariah Carey, actor and overall talent extraordinaire, DJ NC. Yeah, you know, it’s Nick Cannon of Nickelodeon and MTV fame. He’s also the man behind the hit single Gigolo (pre-Mariah). What is he up to now? He’s mixing tracks on the one-of-a-kind beatmaker named the Wonka WRapper, which is powered by imagination and non-stop delicious candy!

Nick understands that candy can make you do crazy things. He even linked to this classic Method Man candy-themed rap right here! This post is sponsored by Wonka and their infamous Wonka beatmaker allows you to create your own music as part of a candy-powered music mix. Check out the video embedded below and then shoot over to www.facebook.com/wonka to start DJing your own candy-inspired funk. Think hip-hop, gobstop or boom-bap Nerds raps.

If you have a love for WONKA candy (like Sweet Tarts, Gobstoppers, Nerds, etc.) and a computer that is webcam-enabled – you are good to go! So, break out your hip-hop and techno beatmaking skills and unleash that creativity that only the Wonka WRapper can bring out in you! Peace!!

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