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‘Sexy Beast’ Quasi-Sequel Comes to U.S.

After our Films U Missed write-up of Jonathan Glazer’s 2000 gangster film, Sexy Beast, it’s assumed that everyone has rushed out and familiarized themselves with the work. Therefore, you should all be excited to hear that Sexy Beast star, Ray Winstone, has re-teamed with the writers of that film, Louis Mellis & David Scinto, for 44 Inch Chest, which is soon to be making its way to U.S. shores.

As seems to be all the rage these days since Liam Neeson’s Taken, 44 Inch Chest is a revenge drama about a man (Winstone) who discovers his wife is cheating on him. His buddies then kidnap her French lover and hold him captive. What happens from there is anyone’s guess.

The film co-stars Ian McShane (“Deadwood”), Tom Wilkinson (everything) and John Hurt (V for Vendetta).

Winstone is sweet, as you know from Sexy Beast or Beowulf or The Departed. I love a good revenge tale and cheating wives seems to be a good enough reason for one. There’s supposedly a grittiness to the film, which can be expected from the writers and apparently the film will get a 2009 Oscar qualifying run, which must mean there’s some merit behind it as well. I look forward to it.

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‘New York, I Love You’ Trailer

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