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Emily Blunt Gets Blunt About ‘Iron Man 2’s Black Widow

Emily Blunt is considered to be an actress whose profile is on the rise here in the States.  She had a good sized role in The Devil Wears Prada which has helped catapult her career as well as Anne Hathaway’s.  She was recently seen in films we’ve reviewed in Sunshine Cleaning and The Great Buck Howard.  Most notably, however, she was once thought to be in for the role of Black Widow in the follow up to last summer’s hit Iron Man, Iron Man 2.  But, she eventually lost out on the gig.  She recently spoke with MTV about the role and why it didn’t work out for her.  It turned out to be a scheduling conflict with her gig in Gulliver’s Travels, opposite Jack Black.  In essence, she gets Black over Black Widow or Jack over Robert Downey Jr.

I'd smoke a blunt with Emily.  Photo Courtesy of Screenrant.com

I'd smoke a blunt with Emily. Photo Courtesy of Screenrant.com

“It was one of things that was conflicting,” Blunt told MTV News. “So it’s a shame the two of them couldn’t work together. It just got complicated, so I think I had to pull out for my own sanity more than anything.”

Even though she’s left “Iron Man 2” behind, Blunt was reluctant to dish any info about the still-secretive plot—not even a hint if Black Widow will be Stark’s love interest or adversary.

“See, that’s the other thing, I can’t give anything away on that front,” she said. “I’m not going to say! I’m not going to say! I’m going to get someone in trouble. Look at me, I’m such a goody-two-shoes!”

Which means that for all her Hollywood success, she still hasn’t gotten used to the ethos of Tinseltown. “It’s all about back-stabbing here,” she joked.

Did that mean she wouldn’t take a shot at the actress assuming the Black Widow role, Scarlett Johansson? Even though Scar-Jo reportedly screen-tested for the gig and lost out to Blunt?

“She’ll do a great job,” Blunt said, choosing her words carefully. “She’ll get up on that high-wire and do a great job.”

Blunt still seems to be trying to get the hang of how the biz works here in H-wood.  She wants to say more it appears, but cannot.  She is gracious about Scarlett, but honestly, wouldn’t most of us have preferred Blunt to Johannson?  Not that there is anything wrong with ScarJo, but her profile seems a bit big for the Widow role and she runs the risk of Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury in being too ubiquitous in roles and comic book movies to blend into the character.  She was in The Spirit at Christmas time and just seems to be getting too big of a personality for this role.  We will see how it all plays out.  What do you think?

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