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‘Twilight’ Director Hardwicke Set to Helm ‘Red Riding Hood’

Twilight director who feel out of being able to helm the sequel is landing on her feet with a (possible) pair of projects.  Warner Brothers re-upping of Little Red Riding Hood is all but a done deal. The movie will be a gothic update of the classic fairy tale, so we can expect it to appeal to roughly the same crowd that will turn out for New Moon (at least demographically). She is also in discussions in the early stages regarding the possible helming of 21 Jump Street, which is being written by none other than Jonah Hill. That is an update of the TV show of the same name that helped “jump start” the career of Johnny Depp, among others. It appears that both projects are studio priorities though, so while “Hood” is all but a done deal, “Street” might be more of a stretch due to the production schedules. The Risky Biz Blog has the following regarding the projects.

“Hood” is expected to offer a Gothic update on the Grimm Bros. tale, of course about a young girl who encounters the villainous wolf on her way to her grandmother’s house, with “Orphan” scribe David Leslie Johnson writing the new version. The presence of a wolf as a central character in the original fairy-tale is sure to prompt comparisons to “Twilight,” which centers not only on vampires but a sect of werewolves, particularly the character of Taylor Lautner’s Jacob.

“Street,” which Jonah Hill is writing as a possible starring vehicle, will be an action-heavy retelling of the Fox television series. The hourlong show — which was one of the first hits for the then-fledgling network and launched the career of Johnny Depp — centered on a group of twentysomething policemen who looked young enough to go undercover in high schools and colleges. Neil Moritz is producing.

Off the top, I don’t know about Hill as a lead in “Jump Street” but that is not what this story is about.  Hardwicke on the other had, seems to be doing well for herself considering the difficult economy.  The possibility of both of these projects, plus she is already looking to shoot an updated version of “Hamlet” within the next 6 months or so, with Emile Hirsch in the title role.  This is all from the woman who got her start with Thirteen and Lords of Dogtown.  Not bad.  Let us know your thought on her prospects as director for either of these projects.  Particularly interested in those from Twilight watchers. Rob?  If you are interested in an upcoming wolf related film, check the footage on The Wolfman for good measure.

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