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‘The Great Gatsby’ next classic to get Luhrmann-ized

With his Australia not exactly catching fire at the box office and his take on the Shakespeare classic, Romeo + Juliet, more than a decade old, director Baz Luhrmann has already turned his eye toward a new project: The Great Gatsby. In an interview with “Hollywood Reporter,” he mentioned that he has the rights to the classic 1925 F. Scott Fitzgerald-penned tale of high society. It’s one of the few books I actually read in high school (Shout out to Mr. Tidwell for focing me to read. Like Katy Perry would say, “I read a book and I liked it!”).

Gatsby has been translated to visual media a few times, most notably the 1974 version, starring Bobby Redford as the titular character.

I like Luhrmann’s visual style. I haven’t seen Australia, and from the trailers it didn’t appear that he employed the same frenetic eye-candy his previous films possessed. Although he did consider his three prior films to be a trilogy of sorts. I wonder if he’ll bring that winning style back around for this film.

He said he’ll get to it in much less time than it took his last couple of projects, to take advantage of the current state of the world economy, feeling Gatsby would be a mirror into our current state. It was seven years between projects for both Romeo + Juliet/Moulin Rouge! and Moulin Rouge!/Australia.

Can these two worlds co-exist? These clips make me a believer.

Brad Pitt is by no means rumored to be in this film, but after looking at this picture, wouldn’t it be something?

Pitt has always been compared to Redford, looks-wise.

Pitt has always been compared to Redford, looks-wise.

P.S. Francis Ford Coppola wrote the Redford version.

What do you guys think of this melding of material and auteur?

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