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Graphic Novel Last Man Standing Becomes Paramount Movie

Graphic Novel Last Man Standing Becomes Paramount Movie

Paramount Studios has picked up the movie rights for the yet to be released graphic novel, Last Man Standing.  Somewhat surprising, given the fact that it hasn’t been read by fans yet.  Still, with graphic novels being hot properties and events like Comic-Con 2010 building hype into the movies based on a lot of these works, I guess its not entirely unfeasible for something like this to happen.  Since I don’t know what it is about, and you are likely in the same boat, here is Daniel LuVisi of Heavy Metal publishing (the publisher of the novel) on what LMS is about, via JoBlo:

“Last Man Standing, or LMS, takes place 600 years in the future, in an alternate universe and is about Gabriel, this invincible soldier, who’s been created to help win a war Earth got itself too deep into with Mars. After Gabe wins the war, he comes back down to Earth and is celebrated as this incredible hero. From there, he becomes somewhat of a celebrity, a Superman of this story, but then it all takes a quick turn. Gabriel is framed for an atrocious crime, by a terrorist organization known as Pandemonium and their leader, Dante. He is then sent to Level-9 Facility, where he’ll spend the next nine years in the worst prison of all time. Once Gabriel breaks out, only then does his true story begin, and the lies and twists unravel.”

Sounds like an interesting concept to be honest.  Some of the artwork which the JoBlo article has displayed, appears to be quality work.  (I am not entirely knowledgable on these things, but you can head over there and take a look if you don’t take my word for it.  What do you think of the concept?  Original enough, sound intriguing, or been there, done that?  Holla.

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Wiseman Taking ‘Shrapnel’ Comic to Big Screen

Another day, another graphic novel or comic book gets adapted.  This time, Len Wiseman, director of Underworld and Live Free or Die Hard is going to try his hand with Shrapnel.  Perhaps equally known for his marriage to the lovely Kate Beckinsale, who can be seen here in the new Whiteout trailer, Wiseman apparently nabbed the rights to the book the day it hit shelves because his 10-year old daughter, Lily was fired up about the comic.  Worst Previews has more:

The graphic novel describes a sci-fi future where humans have colonized the solar system and formed a Solar Alliance to govern the planets. The story focuses on Venus, the last rebellious holdout, and a self-exiled former Marine who teaches the colonists how to fight back.
I am really drawn to the reluctant-hero story, said Wiseman…

“I’m really drawn to your wife,” said I.  Oh, my bad, that wasn’t meant to be said out loud.  Anyhow, the run for comic adaptations only continues to grow.  We’ve been discussing this more in recent months as the adaptation list grows exponentially, beyond any other film news it seems, but I still am divided.  I wonder at what point the adaptations will halt and we can come back to more realistic stories.  At this rate, Hollywood will become a comic book movie town and nothing more.  Any thoughts on Wiseman for this adaptation?  Has anyone read “Shrapnel,” and if so, what did you think?  Please divulge below.

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Sam Mendes “Brilliant” ‘Preacher’ Update

Academy award winning director, Sam Mendes, who currently has Revolutionary Road in the marketplace, has been attached to a possible Preacher project for a while but nothing has become official yet.  However, MTV’s Splashpage recently has an update from the man himself on what might be in the works.  Mendes says:

“I think it’s absolutely brilliant,” said Mendes when asked why he found “Preacher” intriguing. “It’s a gripping story, fantastic characters, great visual landscape. It mixes supernatural and real worlds brilliantly… it’s funny, and it’s absolutely, completely blasphemous, possibly even sacrilegious I would say. Which might be a dangerous thing to take on.”

For those still not in the know, Preacher is based on a controversial comic-book series that is more religious based than Bill Maher’s Religulous, as it tackles everything from organized religion to corrupt government.  It is likely to be aonther in the line of graphic novel/comic book hot properties that looks to breakout at the box-office.  Anything involving Mendes at the helm is usually a good thing as I count his American Beauty among the finer films I have ever seen.   What do you think, do you like the idea of Mendes doing Preacher?  Yeah, its all speculative at this point, but as these things often go, where there is smoke there is fire.

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