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Soderbergh’s ‘Experience’ with Porn Star Sasha Grey w/ Video

One of Machinegunrap’s favorite leading ladies of Porn, Sasha Grey (his others being Bree Olson and Jenna Jameson, of course), has been tapped (pun intended) to star in The Girlfriend Experience, afilm coming up (it gets better) directed by Steven Soderbergh.  The “GFE” as its been dubbed by insiders, is about the world of high-end escorts.  One where a man pays to have a woman accompany him on an evening, often to an event, which can (and certainly should) lead to a christening of a hotel room, a couch, a washing machine, a kitchen sink, etc. (i digress).  The world of escorts is almost like a game, an entire role-play, fantasy mock-relationship experience…not that I’d know.  Still, it’s a surprising, eye-opening, toe-curling move by Soderbergh, to have Grey in this starring role.  On Grey’s skills, the Traffic director is quoted as MTV reports.

“She is absolutely in her element. That only comes from being in situations like that and being in control. She looks comfortable and in control. You can see it on her face. Its kind of awesome.”

Sounds like some solid and stiff admiration from Steven.  In real life, he gets to (presumably) live out his own fantasies with former model and E! reporter, Jules Asner.  Why do I know this?  Don’t ask.  What do you think of the GFE concept?  Does this sound like something you are interested in?  I am talking about the movie of course, not the escort experience.  Let us know.  We’ll let you know more as information comes gushing out.  Ed. Note: Bad Rake, Bad!

A music video below, by live hip-hop band The Roots in a song called Birthday Girl, features Sasha Grey “acting”.  What, you thought I would post porn?  Puh-leeeze.  I have high standards of journalistic integrity.

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