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FX’s Upcoming TV Show “Untitled Jersey City Project” (w/Trailer)

FX’s Upcoming TV Show “Untitled Jersey City Project” (w/Trailer)

Hey, everyone. It’s time to switch it up and look at the small screen for a second, to let you know about a much-anticipated new TV show on FX called the Untitled Jersey City Project. This post is sponsored by Audi and FX and one of the unique things about the 8-part short form series is that many of the brand new Audi vehicles will be featured in the series. But it’s not just for gearheads.

If that wasn’t cool enough, the series features a completely unique concept in television design – it’s an entirely made in progress TV drama. Do you remember the books called “Mad Libs” where you can change the story by filling in different words? Yeah, it sounds kind of like that. This might just be the future of television. TV writers, and I know there are some of you following along, take note of this series and how it is done, you might just learn how you’ll have to write in the future. Creativity, my friends!

Oh, about the show – Frank is a good looking, New York architect, who along with his partner, lands a dream gig designing a stadium in Jersey City across the pond. However, a messy power developer, rivals with conflicting interest, an attractive and nosy reporter, they all might make this dream set up a nightmare. Nothing is what it seems and things may not always resolve the way you expect. That’s all part of the fun in this different concept. Hence, the “Untitled” word in the project’s title – get it?

Take a look at the trailer below, and try to deny that you’re not at least…intrigued. Sex, drama, money and murder(?), all presented in the top-notch fashion that you can expect from a series on FX. We’re there.

BTW, if you are an Audi fan or simply in the search for a new car, take a look at the new Audi’s hitting dealerships soon. Shameless plug (no, not when it’s true!), but don’t you have to love the new A5? I’m digging their redesign. I’m thinking of dumping my 2nd Beamer for one, so I’m off to test drive soon. See you on the streets!

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