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“The Rock” Johnson and Tillman Jr. go ‘Faster’

George Tillman Jr. (Notorious) is in talks with CBS Films to direct the action film Faster, which is set to star Dwayne Johnson aka “The Rock.” Production on the film is set to begin January 2010. The film was written by Joe and Tony Gayton, and Variety also reports the plot to be of the typical action film type:

Johnson will play an ex-con bent on avenging the death of his brother, who was murdered 10 years earlier when the two were double-crossed during a heist.

Based off the plot description, I can’t say this will be right near the top of my list for must see films of 2010, but the fact that Johnson is finally heading back to action film territory is a good sign. I thought he was good in The Rundown, but then we got three kiddie flicks back to back to back in, The Game Plan, Race to Witch Mountain, and the upcoming Tooth Fairy. If Faster is a hit with audiences, hopefully Dwayne will nix his plans for future children’s films and stick to what he should be doing, which is kicking ass. What do you, the readers, think of this news?

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