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Rooney Mara to Star in David Fincher’s ‘Dragon Tattoo’

Rooney Mara to Star in David Fincher’s ‘Dragon Tattoo’

The most coveted female role in Hollywood has gone to a relative unknown.  Rooney Mara, whom director David Fincher helmed in the upcoming The Social Network, is set to star in his next film, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.  Based on the best-selling Stieg Larsson novel, the film is slated to be part of a trilogy for both the director and studio Columbia Pictures.

Mara beat out other stars such as Kristen Stewart, who worked with Fincher on Panic Room, and Natalie Portman, who refused to audition for him for this role.  Smart move on her part.  I think not.  Mara is the sister of better known (and hotter) actress Kate Mara (Brokeback Mountain, Iron Man 2) and has a lineage in football (you can look it up, her name will give it away to true football fans).

The Millenium Series of Larsson books have sold more than 40 million copies worldwide.  You can add Rooney to the list of ladies who should be making a household name for herself, with the likelihood of her being penciled in for all three films in the possible series as well.  The studio has already secured thespian Daniel Craig to co-star in the film.  So, share your thoughts on the big deal for this coveted role.  Source: Variety

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The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo & Movie Sequels Adds Daniel Craig

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo & Movie Sequels Adds Daniel Craig

While we still don’t know who is going to be cast in the red-hot female lead role in the upcoming David Fincher film The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, we do know that Daniel Craig has been added to the cast for the possible trilogy.  From Comingsoon:

ComingSoon.net has confirmed that Daniel Craig will star in David Fincher’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, based on Stieg Larsson’s posthumously published crime thriller trilogy, “The Millennium Series.” The deal includes two sequels based on The Girl Who Played with Fire and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets’ Nest.

Craig will play a key journalist, Mikael Blomkvist, in the films.  As journalists are want to do, he stirs up dirt and generally uncovers of a lot of corruption in the film.

Craig is a fine addition to any cast, so this is just another feather in the cap of the film at this point.  I’ll keep you abreast of more news on the project as it makes its way to me.

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Fincher’s Facebook film ‘The Social Network’ is cast

What was rumored only a few weeks ago has become official. Variety is officially reporting that Jesse Eisenberg (Zombieland), Justin Timberlake and Andrew Garfield will star in David Fincher’s The Social Network, the story behind the founding fathers of Facebook.

Eisenberg will play Mark Zuckerberg while Justin Timberlake will play Sean Parker (Napster co-founder and Facebook founding president) while Garfield will portray Eduardo Saverin, the co-founder who had a major falling out with Zuckerberg once the site made it big.

I have heard from various reports that the script for The Social Network, written by Aaron Sorkin (Charlie Wilson’s War, “The West Wing”), is a dark and black-hearted meditation on greed and corruption along the lines of John Huston’s The Treasure of the Sierra Madre. Along with the great David Fincher (directing) and Aaron Sorkin (screenplay), the very busy Scott Rudin and Kevin Spacey are among a plethora of co-producers under the Columbia banner.

With the talent involved and the early script reports, The Social Network should be a movie worth looking out for next year, as production is slated to begin in the coming months.

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Eisenberg, Timberlake Rumored for Fincher’s ‘Facebook’ Film

Jessica Biel has little, if anything, to do with this post.  Yes she dates Justin and that is about as far as it goes.  I merely put the photo there to see if I could get a virus on my computer.  That aside, the post’s title kind of says it all doesn’t it?  Brilliant on my part or not enough of a tease to read on?  Hmmm…nevertheless, Scriptshadow is claiming that Jesse Eisenberg (the upcoming Zombieland) and Justin Timberlake (the past of Cam Diaz) are rumored to be the leading men for David Fincher’s next big movie The Social Network, based on the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg.  Anybody have a guess as to who would play whom here?  Well, if you guessed Justin would play Napster creator Shawn Fanning and Jesse would play Zuckerberg, as Ed McMahon used to say, “Yes, you are correct sir.”  These are still unsubstantiated rumors at this point though, so I caution any super strong reaction positive or negative one way or the other.

There certainly is irony in “The Lake” possibly playing Fanning, considering his music was probably illegally downloaded once or twice through the brilliant Napster service.  Would he bring a venom to the role to make Shawn look like a worse guy than he is?  And while Eisenberg and Zuckerberg both have a similar look and it might make sense for “geek to play geek” for lack of a better term, does Jesse have enough chutzpah to pull this off?  Would a great director like Fincher (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button) entrust such a large project to an unproven guy?  Hard to know for sure.  We talked about the film before and the film was officially greenlit last week, but beyond that these roles are still up in the air.  You like these choices or do you have a better alternative?  Hit us with ’em.

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Aaron Sorkin Talks ‘The Social Network’ (Video)

Yes, The Social Network is that pesky Facebook film you keep hearing about. The same one that David Fincher is apparently directing. The same one that Kevin Spacey is apparently producing. Finally, the same one Aaron Sorkin has already written. In fact, according to the interview attached below, Sorkin said “Yes” to this film faster than anything else in his life. All it took was three pages into a 14-page book treatment and he was hooked. If you’re wondering what it was that hooked him so quickly, be prepared to keep wondering. Sorkin doesn’t even know the answer to that question.

So, exactly what we can expect from such a story remains to be seen, but there has to be something that would attract top-name talent. We just need to wait longer to find out what that is. At the moment, the film is in pre-production and slated for a 2010 release.

You can tell Sorkin doesn’t spend too much time in front of the camera as he spouts enough “ums” to make Alexander Ovechkin seem proficient in English, but it’s all good. Enjoy the interview.

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Fincher Produces ‘Tron Legacy’ Director’s Journey Into ‘Oblivion’

Joseph Kosinski, director of the upcoming Tron Legacy, is set to bring Oblivion to screen, based on his own concept  and not on the video game of the same name. The great David Fincher will be alongside him behind the camera, serving as producer.

The Hollywood Reporter” describes the project as such: The story centers on a battle-damaged soldier who, assigned to a desolate planet after a court-martial, patrols the bleak landscape in an effort to destroy the last vestiges of a primitive alien race. When a mysterious traveler arrives unexpectedly, their lives become inextricably linked as they are forced to question everything they know about this world and themselves.

If you haven’t seen it already, do yourself a favor and check out the concept footage from Tron Legacy that made its debut at Comic Con last week, here. Kosinski’s very new to the directing thing, with Tron being his first project, but it appears enough people have been impressed by what they’ve seen that they’re giving him a chance to bring his own idea to the screen, which he’s apparently been cooking up for the past four years. Having Fincher on board in any capacity is a good thing. I thought his last producer credit was for The Fall, but he apparently only served as “presenter.” The last two films he produced were Love and Other Disasters and Lords of Dogtown. Will Kosinski and Fincher strike gold together? Let us know what you think.

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Facebook Movie: “The Social Network” Script Info

The long discussed and much ballyhooed (I think I have used that word twice in the span of a week, scary) Facebook Movie apparently has a completed script, and word on the street is that it is very good.  Essentially 4 nests out of 5 good.  This movie has been getting a lot of hype as it was in the news recently that David Fincher was in discussions to direct the film, which spoke volumes as to the expectations of the movie and the profile for this site was raised exponentially as a result.  The first draft, which was written by Aaron Sorkin, is done.  First off, it has a current title now of The Social Network.  Not surprisingly, the film will focus on a Mark Zuckerberg-like character (since he created facebook, and it will follow how it came to be.  ScriptShadow gives us a look at the script in its current form.  They tell us a number of things including the following:

…this is a story about two friends – one a computer genius, the other a business expert – who began a website that became the fastest growing phenomenon in internet history. Three years later, one was suing the other for 600 million dollars (or 1/30th of Mark Zuckerberg’s worth). It’s a story about greed, about obsession, about our belief that all the money in the world can make us happy. But it’s also unpredictable, funny, touching, and sad. It gives us that rare glimpse into the improbable world of mega-success.

That in and of itself is enough to give us a better idea of how Fincher may come into play.  Since we really didn’t know where the focus for the film might lie, i.e., a dude banging away at the computer crunching code (though there is sure to be some shots of that).  Apparently there are hints of a love story in the draft as well, or at least a breakup that would be the impetus to creating the network.  So, a number of things to ponder here.  What do you think of what you hear so far?  Drop it on us.

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David Fincher to Helm ‘Facebook’ Film?

According to reports from various media outlets, Director David Fincher, of Fight Club and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button fame, is in talks to direct a movie about facebook, the social network website.  The film is being developed at Columbia Pictures, with a script by Aaron Sorkin, writer of A Few Good Men and Charlie Wilson’s War.  From Filmonic:

The film will focus on the evolution of Facebook from its 2004 creation on the Harvard campus by sophomore Mark Zuckerberg to a juggernaut with more than 200 million members.

This is a rather odd choice of director for this type of film in my opinion.  I think Fincher is one of the best director’s going today, in large part due to his visual flair and many of the high-tension environments he creates for his films.  I am not sure that a film about a website will qualify for such a director.  Of course, nothing has been signed, nothing is official yet, but for him to even be thought of here seems strange.  I am wondering where the tension is in this script?  A few dudes staring at computer code, talking about how the world can get connected through pictures of their friends?  I don’t know how this lends itself to drama either.  How hard could  it have been on a kid Zuckerman’s age?  Its not like he was in a 25 year fight, like Greg Kinnear’s Bob Kearns impression in Flash of Genius.  I don’t have the answer as to who might be a good choice for director here, since I don’t really know enough about the project, so I don’t want to jump to conclusions (even though it seems as if I am), but I am uncertain about Fincher in the chair for this one.  Your thoughts?  Ideas about how the script might go or who would be a good fit to helm?

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