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‘Danish Girl’ to Star Two Great Actresses, One Interesting Concept

The upcoming Danish Girl, Nicole Kidman’s latest project will have her playing a transsexual who marries non-other than Charlize Theron.  Two Academy Award winners, two of my favorite actresses, one edgy concept.  MTV blog reports:

“The Danish Girl” is the true story of artists Einar and Greta Wegener. Their marriage took a surprising turn when Einar substituted for a female model that Greta was set to paint. Einar felt surprisingly comfortable in costume, and began dressing in women’s clothing with Greta’s encouragement.

They often went out in public as women together, Einar adopting the persona of “Lili,” who they introduced as Einar’s sister. Einar decided to commit to the new identity altogether, and had the first recorded sex-change operation. Their marriage was dissolved by the King of Denmark, and they drifted apart to pursue other relationships.

Kidman with a legit sex change and Theron as wife in many ways sounds like some sort of twisted male fantasy.  Nevertheless, the intrigue for me is not in potentially seeing these beautiful women kiss or become intimate, but what the amazing range of both these actresses can bring to this unusual and potentially controversial, I suppose, concept.  Kidman earned my utmost respect in the late Stanley Kubrick’s “Eyes Wide Shut” in a role I feel is one of the best performances by a woman I have seen to date.  She has continued to take on challenging roles in films such as the underrated little seen Dogville and Birth.  For a woman who started as a sidekick to Tom Cruise essentially, she has proven herself an incredibly talented actress, and one of the few who I am regularly interested in seeing on film.

I now pronounce you husband and wife?!

I now pronounce you husband and wife?!

Theron, by comparison, constantly has to fight her beauty, and successfully transformed herself for 2003’s Monster in which she won her Oscar.  Her roles in North Country, Battle in Seattle, and even Hancock, prove that the woman has range and the ability to work against the grain when need be.  Seeing what these two women can do on screen would be an acting delight.  In many ways, it would be the female equivalent of seeing Pacino and De Niro go at it on screen.  I think that this has that type of potential.  What are your thoughts?  Does the concept itself scare you away or are you interested in seeing what might be one of the great screen combos of modern day film on screen together at the peak of their form?  Holla back.

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