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Anne Hathaway – Catwoman, Tom Hardy – Bane in Dark Knight Rises

Anne Hathaway – Catwoman, Tom Hardy – Bane in Dark Knight Rises

Film News: Christopher Nolan’s Batman: The Dark Knight Rises Casts Anne Hathaway and Tom Hardy

After the Dark Knight Rises actress lists and casting rumors were flying, Warner Brothers announced today that Anne Hathaway is Catwoman and Tom Hardy is Bane in the last part of the Batman new trilogy.  This news is not surprising. Considering the actress short list, Hathaway seemed a likely choice for the Catwoman role, one occupied in various forms in the past by Halle Berry and Michelle Pfeiffer among others.  I was rooting for Jessica Biel for personal reasons (selfish me), but Hathaway seemed the most likely candidate and is also viewed as both a bigger star and more capable actress in Hollywood’s eyes I believe.

Tom Hardy on the other hand, who’s roles in RocknRolla, Inception and Bronson have catapulted his name into the spotlight was already rumored to be cast, it was the role that was the unknown. I admittedly don’t know who Bane is, so it will be a complete surprise to me what this villainous role will bring. If someone can fill me in, please do so.  Anyway, what do you think of the news and these roles? Please share as this trilogy is about to wrap up.

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Movie Casting & Directing Rumor Round-Up (Cruise, Hanks, Aronofsky, Nicholson)

Movie Casting & Directing Rumor Round-Up (Cruise, Hanks, Aronofsky, Nicholson)

Since there are a number of movie rumors floating around today, I figured I would go ahead and let you know what the main rumors circulating are today in the world of Hollywood.  Some big names and big projects are being mentioned regarding the following projects:

First off, HVB is reporting that Tom Hanks is looking to work with Oscar winner Kathryn Bigelow’s Hurt Locker follow-up Sleeping Dogs. The project used to be named Triple Frontier and is about five men working in an organized crime zone in Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. Some other top names are floating for the other cast members as well.

24Frames speaks of a possible Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson reunion for El Presidente which would see Nicholson play an ex-president and Cruise a Secret Service agent assigned to look after him. It would be a buddy comedy that sounds strangely in the vain of Midnight Run. The duo worked together on the classic A Few Good Men almost 20 years ago. Can you handle that truth?

Darren Aronofsky (The Wrestler) is being mentioned as the possible director for Wolverine 2. The director recently lost out on the upcoming Superman to Zack Snyder and if he the rumor is true about Fox offering the chair to Darren, then that would reunite him with Hugh Jackman, whom he worked with on the bizarre fantasy film The Fountain, a few years back. Source: Vulture

Finally, genius actor Idris Elba from HBO’s “The Wire” and Guy Ritchie’s RockNRolla appears to have been added to the cast of Ghost Rider 2.  Elba would play a drunk warrior assigned to track down Nicholas Cage’s Ghost Rider. Comingsoon says Ghost Rider: The Spirit of Vengeance is set for a February 2012 release.

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Eminem Teaming With Rachel Weisz & Fernando Meirelles For 360

Eminem Teaming With Rachel Weisz & Fernando Meirelles For 360

It’s been quite a while since the world’s most famous rapper Eminem, made his acting debut in the smash hit 8 Mile in 2002.  Remarkably, even though the film was successful and his performance was widely praised, he has not hit the big screen since.  That might all be about to change with a report from Production Weekly’s twitter feed stating that:

Eminem & Frances McDormand are in talks to join Rachel Weisz & Anthony Hopkins in the Fernando Meirelles sex-themed drama ‘360’

This is merely a tweet, which has subsequently been removed but it is certainly an intriguing one at that.  Eminem, McDormand, Weisz, Hopkins make for a potentially wild cast.  Throw in the “sex-theme’, Meirelles strong, avant-garde filmmaking (with his City of God among the finer films of the last decade), and who knows what might come out of it.

At this point nothing is concrete, so it has to be chalked up to rumor and speculation. Still, intriguing news for film and Eminem fans.  Let me know what you think of the rumor.

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Gerard Butler looks to ‘Slide’ home

Gerard Butler is just one of those guys right now.  It seems that Hollywood is giving him every possible opportunity it can to make him into a star.  While he ate up roles in movies like Guy Ritchie’s underrated RockNRolla and the just released revenge-thriller Law Abiding Citizen, he also made headlines for doing The Ugly Truth with Katherine Heigl and perhaps doing the nasty with Jennifer Aniston.  His movies haven’t really been hits though (see Gamer) since the effects-laden extravaganza 300, for which Butler has apparently been given too much credit for it’s success.  Nevertheless, Gerard continues to have films in the pipeline, the latest seems to be a project called Slide.  He describes it to Film School Rejects:

“There’s a few different projects that we’ve been working on, but there’s one in particular – it’s a movie called Slide about a former baseball player who goes back to try and patch things up with his child and estranged wife and ends up coaching the kid’s baseball team,” Butler said. “He becomes the subject of fascination and longer by every bored house wife in the town. And it’s him trying to survive that while trying to patch things up with his kid. I think we’re going to have Gabriele Muccino direct the movie. Hopefully. We’re in talks with him, and he’s very much up for directing it so we’ll what happens there.”

This sounds like an intriguing enough project.  It seems to have hints of TV’s “Eastbound & Down”.  Muccino has been hit/miss so far at the box office with Seven Pounds flopping but The Pursuit of Happyness hitting a home run.  Both of those films starred the biggest box office star on the planet in Will Smith. While I like Butler, he’s no Smith, so the success of Slide, if it happens, is far from a given.  This news drops on the eve of the World Series (who you with, Phils or Yanks?), so the timing is at least apropos.  What are your thoughts on Butler and Slide?  Hit us one time.  BAM!!

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Chris Evans Unlikely to return for ‘Fantastic Four’ reboot

The photo of the shoes in the main photo are my Nike AM95 Human Torches, based on the Fantastic Four character.  Just a little back story on a pair of my kicks. (As soon as I saw them I had to have them and it took a little doing, so don’t hate, congratulate!)  A few reasons are evident for this post.  One, remakes, re-boots, and comic book franchises are all the rage in Hollywood.  Two, we just had a post on how some stars handle themselves in the press (namely Megan Fox).  Therefore, when we caught wind of some comments made to Cinematical by The Fantastic Four star Chris Evans, I thought it was interesting to juxtapose those against what Fox had to say about her Transformers experience.  In talking about the possible project, Evans had a lot to say, so I will let his words tell the story.

Regarding his possible involvement in the new movie:

“I don’t think I’m going to be involved in it. I would imagine a reboot would be — a reboot! I think they’re going to start from scratch and that’s the way those movies go.”

Regarding whether or not it would bother him to him someone else play the Human Torch role:

“Well, of course. But I’ve done plays and then I’ll go see someone else do the same play, and be like ‘Hmm. I did it differently!’ You know? [laughs] Of course. But let’s not confuse weird with bad, or weird with negative. Weird is in no way [negative].”

However, he was completely cool with the idea of a new movie going forward without him:

“If there’s room to reinvent a franchise in a different tone and they can make a good film out of it, so be it. I’m not going to have anything negative to say about it.”

Ultimately, in the same vein, he added:

“I welcome the new franchise. I hope it’s fantastic. I like good movies! I’m sure Michael Keaton felt the same way, I’m sure Christopher Reeve felt the same way. If it’s a great movie, let’s make it. Let’s get it out there. There aren’t enough of them.”

Evans sounds like a guy you’d want to work with on a film, and also the type of guy who is a film fan and simply open to the possibility of another (more) great film(s) being made.  There was no hint of resentment or frustration in his quotes, and I respect him for that.  I first saw Evans in Not Another Teem Movie, one of the more entertaining spoof films done in my opinion.  I think he is a better actor than he gets credit for.  Witness the little seen London as evidence. Chime in with your thoughts on what he said and who you think might be a good casting choice to replace him in the new film.

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Eisenberg, Timberlake Rumored for Fincher’s ‘Facebook’ Film

Jessica Biel has little, if anything, to do with this post.  Yes she dates Justin and that is about as far as it goes.  I merely put the photo there to see if I could get a virus on my computer.  That aside, the post’s title kind of says it all doesn’t it?  Brilliant on my part or not enough of a tease to read on?  Hmmm…nevertheless, Scriptshadow is claiming that Jesse Eisenberg (the upcoming Zombieland) and Justin Timberlake (the past of Cam Diaz) are rumored to be the leading men for David Fincher’s next big movie The Social Network, based on the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg.  Anybody have a guess as to who would play whom here?  Well, if you guessed Justin would play Napster creator Shawn Fanning and Jesse would play Zuckerberg, as Ed McMahon used to say, “Yes, you are correct sir.”  These are still unsubstantiated rumors at this point though, so I caution any super strong reaction positive or negative one way or the other.

There certainly is irony in “The Lake” possibly playing Fanning, considering his music was probably illegally downloaded once or twice through the brilliant Napster service.  Would he bring a venom to the role to make Shawn look like a worse guy than he is?  And while Eisenberg and Zuckerberg both have a similar look and it might make sense for “geek to play geek” for lack of a better term, does Jesse have enough chutzpah to pull this off?  Would a great director like Fincher (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button) entrust such a large project to an unproven guy?  Hard to know for sure.  We talked about the film before and the film was officially greenlit last week, but beyond that these roles are still up in the air.  You like these choices or do you have a better alternative?  Hit us with ’em.

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Christina Hendricks Joins Heigl & Duhamel for “Life”

Okay, so this piece of news might seem like an excuse to post a picture of the ridiculously hot actress and “Mad Men” star, Christina Hendricks, it’s not. We do maintain a certain level of professionalism here at The Film Nest. Every piece of news is treated exactly the same.  It’s just like how your parents treated you and your brother, even though he always seemed to get a bigger allowance than you ever received.

We reported on the news of yet another romantic comedy starring Josh Duhamel and Katherine Heigl a few weeks ago, now it seems another TV star has joined the cast of Life as We Know It. “Mad Men” star and future Mrs. Raging Rob, Christina Hendricks has been added to the cast of the Warner Bros. film. The plot is described as “two unattached adults whose worlds are turned upside down when their mutual best friends die in an accident and name them as caregivers of their orphaned daughter. Hendricks will portray the best friend to Heigl’s and Duhamel’s characters.”


Ocassionally, Christina's games of "twister" get out of hand.

What do you guys have to say about Ms. Hendricks casting? Also another quick question is how many of you are watching “Mad Men”? I have seen most of the first season and liked what I saw, but haven’t caught up to speed on the second season yet. Is it really the best thing on TV these days, as everyone who watches it likes to remind me, or is it just hype? Source: Variety.

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