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Weekly Film News (‘Saw’ 9, ‘Spawn’ & Leo, Megan Fox)

Its a Wednesday so we decided to round up the stories from around the web that you might have missed over the last week.  Some good stuff to be had here.

The surprise box office winner from this past weekend The Hangover, had the best non-Holiday Monday ever at the box office.  [Get The Big Picture] Pretty impressive for a cast of relative unknowns.

There are possible plans for 9 Saw films, which would possibly have them hacking away through 2012 here. [Screenrant] A bit long in the tooth past film 3 or so in my estimation.

On the flipside, in Japan the Diary of a Fishing Fool franchise draws to a close with it’s 20th film dropping in December.  The series launched in 1988 and has had the same stars since the jump.  [Variety] And we thought our sequels are too many.

Spawn creator Todd McFarlane wants Leonardo DiCaprio to play the lead in the next installment as the guy chasing Spawn.  [Comic Vine] Leo may have the time since he supposedly broke up with SI Swimsuit cover-model Bar Rafaeli.  I’m guessing that Todd won’t get his wish though.

Transmorphing is greater than Transforming?  I’ll prop up [Twitch] for that and give you the trailer below of a film that should rival Transformers: Revenge of the FallenTransmorphers: Fall of Man.  Umm, genius?

And since you love unsubstantiated casting news, it is rumored that Megan Fox is being considered for the lead in the Buffy The Vampire Slayer remake and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is the leader in the clubhouse for Arnie’s role in the Commando remake. Not too sure of [Cinefools] credibility, so we’ll have to take it with a handful of salt.

And since I am a nice guy, I figured I would give you a shot I took of her when she was coming over to make mad passionate love to me in my spa.  I am good like that.

"Take me, The Rake. Now!"

"Take me, The Rake. Now!" Easy, Meg. Easy.

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“Buffy” Set to Slay Vampires Again

The latest news out of the un-creative world of Hollywood tells us that a franchise re-launch of 1992’s Buffy The Vampire Slayer is in the works.  How awesome is that?  Not very.  The movie that kick-started a television franchise and led us to the career of Sarah Michelle Gellar is now ready to branch off into its own possible film franchise.  Think Twilight with less fantasy and more comedy (I think).  Den of Geek advises…

According to the report, the film’s director, Fran Rubel Kuzui, held onto the rights to Buffy when she picked up the original script from Joss Whedon. She played a part in helping Whedon make the television series, but the planned new film would not be linked to that in any way. Nor would any characters from the TV show be crossing over to the movie.

Reuters reports that “One of the underlying ideas of “Buffy” allows the filmmakers to do just that: that each generation has its own vampire slayer to protect it. The goal would be to make a darker, event-sized movie that would, of course, have franchise potential.”

Of course, I couldn’t personally be less interested in this than I am.  Tinseltown is not accepting new applications for anything these days it seems, merely rehashing old ideas and concepts in attempts of turning them into profits from the likes of you and I.  I have not fallen prey to most of the these ploys and news like this only serves to push me further away from becoming a victim.  Admittedly, I have never seen the original (but I will acknowledge that Kristy Swanson was pretty hot at the time) or the television franchise, so there is at least some basis for doing this, but even so I can’t fathom why this is an idea to get green-lit rather than a fresh original concept.  Whatever.  If people pay then this will continue, so without a several million people strong boycott of such things, we are in for more of this until the end of time it appears.  What do you think of the news?  Please share positive or negative or of course, indifferent.

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