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‘Resident Evil’ Re-boot in the Works

When Hollywood grabs hold of a “new” concept, you can be sure that every studio will apply this to their respective properties. With all the news of every movie nowadays being taken to the third dimension, it seems “re-boots” are the next big thing.

Bloody Disgusting reports that, while the fourth Resident Evil (in 3D, no less) film hasn’t even begun filming for its August 10th 2010 release, the producers are looking to the fifth film. The producers are planning a “quasi reboot” after the release of Resident Evil: Afterlife. They stated that the current film series is getting slightly expensive to produce, so they are going back to the drawing board with the tentatively titled Resident Evil: Begins. Do we really need a reboot so soon? The series began with Resident Evil in 2002, and the third film Resident Evil: Extinction, was released in 2007.

I have a new rule for movie studios. No reboot unless said film is at least 10 years old or is so horrendous that the public starts a petition for a reboot.  Maybe with the reboot in place, the studio can finally make a Resident Evil movie that follows the plot of the video game, which the series is based on. To be honest, the only reason I watch the Resident Evil films is for the hotness that is Milla Jovovich. For me this series will cease to exist if Milla’s role is recast. What’s your reaction to this reboot business?

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