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(Note: We have recently repositioned our video box at the bottom of our front page.  This gives you access to all of the latest trailers in a nice, large size format from the start!)  Our video box is fun, we are often among the first to bring you new/hot trailers, but there are a few instructions to take note of.  Don’t think that you have to squint to see the videos though!  Clicking on any of the video titles takes you to a MUCH LARGER size video, HD in many cases!  You may also EXPAND the video size further by clicking the right corner of the video vox and choosing the Full Screen option.  Hitting ESCape will bring you back to the nest where you belong.  You can also scroll through hundreds of videos by going to the Video category.  Cool.

The Right Hand Sidebar

This has all sorts of stuff.  Our convenient Tab allows you to Subscribe to our site using the RSS feed or via email.  It’s the easiest way to stay up to date if you don’t have time to visit.  It gives you all sorts of info DAILY!  Also on the tab you can see our Popular posts at the moment, what Comments people have left lately, and some of our Latest posts (though this is an inexact science, I admit).  Join in the madness!

We update the Box Office Results each week, so you can see our Big 11 (in honor of The Big Ten Conference’s 11 teams–weird, I know).  You can click on and link to many of our unique articles like our fun Movie Posters posts (a click gives you all sorts of poster art!—Note: recently moved to the top of our front page as its own category!), Films-U-Missed (which covers, as you might imagine, a film you probably didn’t see the first time around —Note: recently moved to the top of our front page as its own category!), and Classic Scenes (for past video of great scenes) and so much more!  Also, please participate in our Polls!  We update them at least every month, it’s so easy and fun to do and we love the feedback!

Page Navigation

At the bottom of the page we have added a cool feature that will allow you to move around from page to page to see all of our other posts.  Yes, you can use the Archives Page Box at the top of the page to see browse our selections monthly as well.  See all we have to offer!

When Commenting While in The Nest Please Keep These Rules in Mind

We encourage debate, dialogue, and discussion on all things film.  Here are a few rules to keep in mind when stopping by.  Rule number One, don’t talk about Fight Club.  Rule number Two, You do not talk about Fight Club!  Actually, talk about it all you want, just try to observe these few simple policies while you are here.

Keep It Cool – Say what you will but don’t needlessly attack people for their differences of opinion.  Disagree, state your reasons why, and move on.  It’s not that serious, just opinion.  Don’t be like a Raider fan trying to bite the ear off of a Charger fan.  It doesn’t work and then you just get punished for it for the next 5 years.

Stay On Point – It’s a film site.  We discuss movies and everything surrounding and involving them.  Nothing is off limits in that regard, but keep the discussion related to the topic at hand.  It makes it easier for everyone involved.  If you want more out a relationship and you start talking about puppy dogs and ice cream, of course it’s going to end up on the friendship tip.

No Spoilers por favor – Don’t assume people have seen a movie just because you have and don’t assume that they will or won’t.  No plot points if it’s a recent film, nothing too specific.  You wouldn’t want people talking about the good parts in a movie if you are just sitting in a theater to see it for the first time.  Don’t be the person that ruins it for someone else and in return, no one will ruin it for you.

We’re all part of the flock.  “In the Nest” together.  We’re here because we love film and want to share, discuss, learn, and involve ourselves with it.  And yes, you can click on the ads and we might even get paid a tiny bit to do this for you.  All in the name of good times!