About TFN

The Film Nest is a place for us to form a flock and talk about film or movies (whichever title you prefer), the Hollywood system, and offer a unique insight into what we see: both as in watching movies and seeing what’s happening in the industry.  The world is large and everybody has an opinion, so why not share yours on one of the most entertaining topics we could possibly think of…movies!  It rates right behind sex, but it’s in the same ballpark as sports, music, partying, etc.  Like giving a good foot massage, I’m not saying it’s the same thing, but it’s in the same ballpark.  You’ll always get honesty here.  Opinion yes, but a truthful opinion not influenced by the powers that be dangling golden carrots to hear something positive.  Brutal truth.  Okay, we added the brutal.

The Rake – Creator/Managing Editor of The Film Nest

I’ve been a staff writer for another well-known website for a while and wanting more control, decided to do something on my own.  Spent time in “the industry” in a number of forms from actor and writer to working as an Executive for a major Pay-TV player.  I had 4 other writers writing for this site at one time and while I thank them for their contributions, I decided it would be best to speak/write in a singular voice.  So you have me to deal with, love it or hate it. We do accept guest editorials on occasion as well.

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Contact:   therake@thefilmnest.com