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Sponsored Video: Coors Light and Jean Claude Van Damme Make A Hilarious Team

Sponsored Video: Coors Light and Jean Claude Van Damme Make A Hilarious Team

Jean Claude Van Damme. His name is synonymous with several things, chief among them would include: Hollywood action star, martial arts (kickboxing, at least), decade of the 80’s and 90’s icon, and…now you can add comedic genius to this distinguished list. After his autobiographical JCVD documentary hit from a few years ago, Jean Claude seemingly has seen his career become resurrected. He’s done voice work in the Kung-Fu Panda animated films and has obtained a role in Sylvester Stallone’s genre-destroying The Expendables 2. Yes, the Bloodsport king is even showing new sides to his personality with his recent string of Coors Light commercials.

Van Damme can be seen drinking the classic beverage that I once nicknamed my car, “The Silver Bullet,” after (true story). Coors Light has a history of interesting branding to say the least, which spans commercial attempts from the “Love Train” songs to rapper-slash-actor pitchman Ice Cube’s “You think you colder than me?” efforts. JCVD adds another wrinkle to their brand marketing strategy with often-hilarious spots that talk about how cold Coors Light is, with Van Damme quipping away. Think, him making snow angels or ripping his frozen hair out in one piece. Good stuff.

The video below is yet another example of this growing, dynamic relationship. You’ll instantly recognize the epic 80’s pop tune and enjoy his winter companion in this piece. Have a look and feel free to go grab a cold Coors Light or three this weekend. Hopefully, you’ve earned it.

This post is sponsored by Coors Light, but all thoughts are The Film Nest’s.

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