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2012-13 Oscars Awards Show Wrap-Up & Thoughts

2012-13 Oscars Show Wrap-Up With Thoughts

Now that Hollywood’s most important event is over, it’s time to chime in with thoughts on the show and some of the awards itself. You can check out the winners here or our winners with even better list, here.

As for Seth MacFarlane, I won’t rip him, as he did a fair job. Truth is, the show just will always handcuff its hosts and therefore, you are immediately at a disadvantage. He bombed many jokes but had a few hits. Ultimately, the show was just boring, as it continues to be regardless of what the Academy tries to do to spice it up. When Eddie Murphy was once considered as a host, even announced, that was cause for considerable intrigue if not optimism, but even then, the reality is that a host can only do so much with the limitations placed on the show, sponsorships, etc. The Spirit Awards by comparison is far more interesting and real on the surface.

The Oscars continue to dwindle in overall importance. There were 6 different winners in all the main categories. Yes, that means it’s an open playing field, but what does winning really even matter anymore? When a name like Ben Affleck can win almost every other directing award and then not be nominated in the category for the Oscar, it really makes one pause, right or wrong. Then Argo, winning it all was more of a media driven slight on his behalf than because it was a great movie. Good, yes. Great, no. To the Oscars’ credit, Christoph Waltz beat Tommy Lee Jones in the Supporting Actor category, a just and rightful victory. 

I had no problem with the award winners, really, but would rather see more of an emphasis on the performances and on the films itself than lame some skits as sideshows. Give me more Joaquin Phoenix as Freddie Quell, maybe even go MTV style and talk to some audience members during the show for some brief Q&A’s. Running out a thrashed looking Kristen Stewart and a likely drugged or drunk Renee Zellwegger to read lame pre-scripted awards briefs is tired. Let’s make this more real and informational, with less glad-handing and routine. 

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The broadcast itself and the show itself should really be about the stars. We don’t need ubiquitous shots of a 9-year old flexing her muscles, we’d rather have reaction shots to the barbs that were flying from the host. The show failed miserably by not relying on the stars in the audience for these shots (fake or not) and the show suffered as a result. If it’s about the stars, then show the damn stars already.

The song and dance routines have become stale beyond compare. Seriously, this isn’t the 50’s anymore, or the 70’s for that matter. No need for Captain Kirk and no need for hokey show tune dance numbers. Bring back Oscar winners Three 6 Mafia and have Channing Tatum breakdance to their song. That would be better. The show needs to grow some balls to ever regain the relevance it once held so true.

On that note, how about incorporating some hashtags and social media importance. Every other show seems to do this nowadays and with a supposed billion people watching, let’s bring everyone in on the action. It’s overdue. If you have thoughts on this or anything in relation to the show, let’s hear it!

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