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Check Out the Gillette Odor Shield Sweat for Greatness Contest (w/Videos)

The Gillette Odor Sweat Shield for Greatness contest has come down to this. A man inflicted with cerebral palsy. An epileptic who loves the outdoors. A wounded US soldier. What do they all have in common? They are the finalists in the greatness challenge. They are three amazing stories of extraordinary achievement.

Steve Wampler, a man with cerebral palsy, climbed the 3,000 foot face of mountain El Capitan in Yosemite National Park by doing roughly 20,000 pull ups on an aluminum pulley, over 6 days. He has formed the Stephen J. Wampler Foundation for those inflicted with cerebral palsy and tells his incredible story below.

Joe Beimfohr is a soldier who was injured in Iraq by a wired IUD detonation. For 8 long days, he was placed in a medical coma. Despite losing his legs, he is now a competitive hand cyclist. He has competed in the New York and Chicago marathons as part of the Achilles International Freedom Team.

Colorado’s 23-year old John Olson an epileptic who has had seizures since he was 4 years old. He scales mountains called “fourteeners,” which are mountains that are 14,000 feet tall! John has climbed 8 of the more than 50 of these fourteeners which exist, to this point. He soon hopes to conquer the Mt. Saint Helens volcanic mountain. He works with the National Epilepsy Foundation.

All men have overcome their disabilities to achieve greatness. They have excelled in competition and strived to get the most out of life. Their videos help tell portions of their stories. While they are all winners, only one can win the contest. Check out the videos below and head on over to to vote for your favorite. May the most incredible achievement of all win! Thanks for watching and don’t forget to vote! Enjoy!

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