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Gordon Green Has Franco Stoned Again in ‘Your Highness’

Indie Director turned comedy hit-maker David Gordon Green, who helmed last year’s Pineapple Express, is apparently going to stay within the same genre with another stoner comedy Your Highness.  The cast includes Danny McBride and has now added James Franco, who famously went Spiccoli on us all in last year’s “Express.”  Film Junk explains:

…it is another stoner comedy, but this time instead of mashing it up with the action genre, they’re going full on fantasy… Danny McBride will play an “arrogant, lazy prince who must complete a quest to save his father’s kingdom”, and we have also learned that James Franco is attached to co-star, although his exact role has yet to be revealed.

There is no doubt I had no love for Pineapple Express, thinking it was one of the worst movies that I saw last year.  This one seems to be taking the same premise one step further which might at least be good, considering a stoner comedy.  Since getting high tends to allow one to dream while awake (or so I’m told, *cough*), the fantasy realm seems a reasonable arena to enter.  Not a huge fan of what I have seen from McBride, but Franco was the best thing in that bad movie last year, so that’s a positive.  What do you think?  Any interest in this subject matter?  We’ll let you know more as things develop.

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