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Putting Bale’s Blow-Up to Rest (I Think.) (Video)

There are a few other items that I have come across in regards to Christian Bale’s blow-up, that make me want to finally finish this topic off (hopefully).  First off, do you want to be up on the trendy tip?  Then there is this shirt that you can buy from /film that covers this topic. You can buy the shirt here, for those that want to be up on something so silly. Have to hand to the entrepreneurs who put this together, I guess.

It’s not as expensive as say, the “Watch Paris Die” t-shirts that were a big deal when Paris Hilton was in that House of Wax flick, so that’s a plus.

Honestly, sometimes perspective is necessary in these matters.  I still don’t condone his behavior in any way, but it’s not like this is all that uncommon.  It just so happens that with the profile of actor in this case, he is Batman after all, and with the access to stories such as this being made so much easier than in the past, that news like this becomes bigger than it warrants.  In all respects, it should have stayed on set.  But remember there are always tales of actors losing it on set.  Case in point, the classic Lily Tomlin blow-up at David O. Russell while filming I Heart Huckabees.  This was news back then, not nearly as big due to the name involved or scope of project, but by all accounts, everyone hates David O. Russell, so this is common place.  I mean, if the George Clooney/O. Russell blow-up was caught on film rather than a war of words, who knows where that might have taken us?

So in the end, where does this all leave us? Probably just with something that was hot enough to make news in the entertainment world, but certainly nothing earth shattering. I still think perceptions are no doubt going to be shaped on Bale as a result of this, but I don’t think anyone will do anything drastic like skip Batman 3 as a result. Agree or disagree?


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