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Transformers 2 “The Twins” Robot Pic!

Caught a glimpse over at /film via the Official Transformers Game site of some cool art, a photo of the upcoming Twins autobots from Transformers 2.  This is the first known pic showing these two cars transformed as robots.  Apparently, they are both separate cars but sometimes form together like a mini-voltron (to mix robot shows for you) to do damage as a single unit.  Anyhow, feast your eyes on the pic. Let us know what you think!

15 Responses to “Transformers 2 “The Twins” Robot Pic!”

  1. FigthinIrish says:

    It annoys me a bit when movie’s who are based on franchises like a Transformers feels the need to create new characters, or modify characters, that weren’t in the original source material at all. Of all the different Autobot or Decepticon characters available to them, why create new ones, because I sure don’t remember these two. Its not as if they couldnt have used Prowl, Mirage or Blaster in this role.

  2. I agree with you. It’s unnecessary, especially since they’re based on new Chevy vehicles or something. We’re getting this, but no Dinobots? Wack.

  3. ur mom doesnt love you says:

    you can suck it! i like em :):)

  4. Kohle says:

    All I’ve got to say is the movie itself was amazing, I enjoyed the first one and enjoyed the second even more. If they brought new characters in, at least they did a good job at creating them. Its kind of like “why isn’t the autobot the car he was in the animated series?” thing. I like the changes they made there as well, Soundwave was amazingly cool compared to his old form. I’m sure the Dinobots will have their day, sit back and enjoy whats been brought to screen thus far. These two (Mudflap and Skids) are actually a very amusing addition to the team.
    Not all changes are really “awsome” don’t get me wrong, Jazz was one of my favorite autobots and to have him play such a tiny and finite role in the first one kind of broke my heart, but did not ruin the movie for me.
    All in all I’m glad to see new faces alongside the new ones both movies I will own for sure.

  5. The Rake says:

    Thanks for the input Kohle. That is the type of perspective we are looking for. I’ll be honest, loving the cartoon, I couldn’t get over the massive changes to characters made in the first Bay film and I don’t like what I have seen/heard in following the sequel’s progression. But it is doing BIG business (no shock) so its striking a nerve with filmgoers.

  6. Andrea says:

    somebody know’s the names???????

  7. angel says:

    i loved it wen skids says " bad guys suck" wen contructions sucks everything up

  8. Luiiz says:

    LOL!! yeah i kinda like those two guyz, they pretiie kool and funniie so stop talkin s**t bout them!!! and besides the what good is the movie if there arent new transformers to edmire, the movie would be suckesh without new characters so it came out better then i expected, i wanna see yu do sumthin better and if you cant then shut tah f uck up

  9. Luiiz says:

    im sorry if i cursed publicly ppl but im just puttin my opinion

  10. ccccccccgggggggg says:

    they made the movie hillarios


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